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KeepSchool offers training courses on a wide variety of subjects for adults. KeepSchool started its activity in 2001 by organizing tutoring lessons for school-aged children. In 2021, Keepschool stopped its tutoring activity for children to focus only on Keepschool’s professional training programs. These programs are compatible with the CPF financing on a variety of subjects. Keepschool can develop a tailor-made training program adapted to your level, even if you are a beginner.

  • French Language Trainings and Certifications
    • Place your French skills on the scale of Common Reference Levels (CECR). Prepare and pass the Diplôme de français des Affaires (Business French), Pippelet, Bright, Le Robert. 
    • Prepare a DELF / DALF exam. This diploma, delivered from French Education Nationale, is useful for a naturalisation request.  Prepare the skills needed to pass the exam corresponding to your CECR level (from A1 to C2). 
    • Consult the catalogue in French : ttps:// 
  • Other professional trainings
    • Training available in French :
      • Tutoring for school-aged children
      • Languages : Spanish, German, Portugese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, English.
      • Bilan de Compétences & Soft Skills
      • Computer Software Trainings : Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access
      • Graphic Design : Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
      • Marketing : Digital, Entrepreneurship, Community Management, Website management
    • Consult the full catalogue in French on our website :  
  • Get CELTA-Certified: The CELTA, or Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults, is the most highly recognised initial English teaching certification worldwide (financing out of CPF).

Financing a Professional Training

If you have already worked as a salaried employee in France, you probably possess a CPF account. CPF stands for Compte Personnel de Formation, an individualised training access scheme by the French Government. It is an account on which are credited training hours. It allows economically active persons to gather training rights which can be used throughout their entire professional lifes from the moment they enter the labour force until the day they retire. 

Go Further :

Should you like to use CPF rights for a training that we offer, we recommend you contact us. We will examine your project to ensure you are choosing the correct training before pre-enrollment with KeepSchool. A member of the KeepSchool team will make any agreed upon changes in order to personalize your training to your needs.

If the amount available on the CPF account is sufficient to finance a training, the enrollment process is very fast. 

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