The Go and Live Corporate Group has 60 years of experience in organizing fun and educational programs for children and teenagers. Our activities range from linguistic stays abroad to summer camps in France, from opening leisure centers, organizing sports courses, welcoming international highschool students in France for a year abroad, and coordinating professional training. 

A native English-speaker in France can easily find a way to participate in something at Go&Live!

Our opportunities in France for you!

The wide range of programming that we offer contributes to a wide range of job offers, including job offers for English native speakers. Consider joining one of our teams : teaching, tutoring, or by being a camp counselor in English.

We seek anglo-saxon families in France to host French youth for a homestay in English.

We offer tutoring for school-aged youth across France and professional training for adults.

The fees paid for school tutoring (soutien scolaire) is eligible for French Income Tax reduction.

Prepare a DELF/DALF, or improve your French language skills (spelling/grammar, Business French…). See if your desired training can be financed through a CPF account.

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