Share your language, your culture with French youth !

CLC seeks anglo-saxon families in France to host French youth for an English immersion homestay during French school vacation periods. The essential aspect of being a host family is that English is the only (or primary) language you speak at home.  Stays can range from one to two weeks (sometimes more). Homestays can include English classes in your home, or different activities around your local area.

CLC Host family commitments

  • Motivated and enthusiastic in sharing their language, and also, in sharing their culture (in preparing some anglo-saxon cuisine, for example)
  • English teaching (optional),
  • A studious but kind atmosphere,
  • Trainee / host family exchanges possible before the stay to get to know each other,
  • Permanent presence of the family in the household, at least one adult member (or over 16 years old) of the family,
  • Full board accommodation,
  • The use of French is prohibited during the homestay,
  • Cleanliness, including regular changing of sheets and towels,
  • A detailed and personalized assessment of the trainees progress at the end of the stay.

Contact us!

Please contact us to indicate your interest in hosting French youth in your home! There is no commitment to register.

Should you later decide to register to become a CLC host family, detailed information about your home and family would be required. A member of the CLC team would come to visit your home, and would guide you through the preparation steps.

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